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Where do I find my Ebook?

As soon as you pay for your ebook you will automatically be brought to the download page, or you can access it anytime by logging in to our website and clicking MY ACCOUNT - DOWNLOADS.

How do I download my manual?

After purchasing, simply click MY ACCOUNT - DOWNLOADS and select your file to download it to your PC OR MACINTOSH COMPUTER. Then...

Step One: Click here to be sure your computer has Java installed. (Link opens in a new window.)
99% of computers already have Java. You can use ANY version of Java, no need to upgrade.

Step Two: Download the ebook file to a place you can remember, such as your Desktop. IMPORTANT: Always choose SAVE.

Step Three: MOVE IT TO A FOLDER WHERE YOU WILL REMEMBER IT! (We suggest your Desktop) and rename it to a name you will easily remember. (LEAVE THE .JAR AT THE END SO YOUR COMPUTER KNOWS IT IS A JAVA FILE).

To open your ebook, simply double-click the Java icon that looks like this on your Desktop:




This ebook is very stable and problems are very rare, but these are all that have ever been reported:

1. The downloaded product file appears to be a ZIP file and the registration screen does not appear.
According to Sun Microsystems, this is a problem affecting a small percentage of Windows users. Fortunately, there is an easy fix, simply click the link below and RUN the tiny program to fix it.


After running the JarFix.exe utility, you can double-click the product file you have downloaded to open and register the file on your computer.

2. Help! I'm unable to open the file!
If you are using a Mac or PC, then your computer may not have Java installed. Click the link below to get Java on your computer:


3. I am not able to install Java or I receive an error installing or updating Java.
This problem is solved by clearing the browser cache. To clean (delete) the Java cache, click the link below:


4. Yow, I've tried everything and it's still not working!
If you use a PC or Mac and have Java installed, then your computer's anti-virus/firewall software may be causing the problem. Please try disabling it temporarily and then open the file. Be sure to turn it back on immediately after installing the ebook.

Solving Problems in Windows

After downloading the product file, the security settings in Windows 7 or Windows Vista may require you to RIGHT-click on the file and choose to "Run as Administrator" before the program will open and allow you to register the product.

Did this page solve your problem? WE HAVE EVEN MORE HELP!

Free support! If you have ANY problem downloading or opening the product file you have purchased, please send an email providing as much details as possible to: supportteam@electronicdeadbolt.com  Our support team is standing by to provide you with prompt assistance.